Juan Becú

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Juan Becú

He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1980. He began as a self-taught artist, and later worked in the workshops of Miguel Harte and Nicola Costantino. In 2005, with Nahuel Vecino and Alejandro Bonzo they had appeared at the Sara García Uriburu gallery in Buenos Aires, and a year later they invited Max Gómez Canle to think about another abroad, which led to the exhibition Proyecto Evocación, in the Antonio Saura Foundation, Cuenca, Spain.

Individual exhibitions (selection)

2018. Juan Becú. Art in Bruchou.
2016. Notebooks, Nora Fisch Gallery.
2014. Bosh and Sho, Miranda Bosch Gallery.
2013. Long live the resistance! Room J, Recoleta Cultural Center.
2010. Buried in the sky, Alberto Sendrós Gallery.
2006. Sample 6, Room 10 of the Recoleta Cultural Center.
2004. About idylls, dreams and constructions, Room 12, Recoleta Cultural Center.
2000. Color box, Room 11 of the Recoleta Cultural Center.

Collective exhibitions (selection)

2019. Time and social unrest in the Perez Collection. The Space 23. Miami.
2019. Myth, show, future. Rooms 3, 4 and 5. Recoleta Cultural Center
2019. Heterodox. Museum of the Cárcova.
2018. Le Le Lend. Art in Bruchou.
2017. Untitled. Miami
2017. Bienalsur. Bicentennial House.
2017. Painters. Great Glass, Córdoba.
2016. Arteba and Arteba Focus (Radical Fitness video).
2015. Drive. ArteBA 2015, Nora Fisch Gallery.
2014. Painting, Buenos Aires, Spring 2014. Nora Fisch Gallery.
2011. “Prisma” Cambre y Becú, Alberto Sendrós Gallery and Vasari Gallery.
2009. Symphony-Quadrophonic-Parnasus, Room J, Recoleta Cultural Center.
2009. "Tribute to the madonna of the arts", devotional work by Diana Aisenberg with more of 100 participating artists, Daniel Abate Gallery.
2009. Becu and Bouquet, María Casado Home Gallery.
2007. Becu, Bonzo, Gómez Canle and Vecino, Ruth Benzacar Gallery.
2007. Evocation Project, Antonio Saura Foundation, Spain.
2005. Becú, Vecino, Bonzo, Sara García Uriburu Gallery.
2004. Verde que te quiero verde, Cronopios Room of the Recoleta Cultural Center.


2015. Mention Braque Prize 2015. Muntref, Museum of the National University of Tres February.
2013. Mention in the Itaú Prize for Visual Arts.
2012. Mention in the National Painting Salon.
2004. National Scholarships Competition, National Fund for the Arts.
2004. Buenos Aires Cultural Fund Subsidy, Young Line.