Gabriela Boer

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Gabriela Boer

Gabriela Boer was born in Tres Arroyos in 1971, she has a degree in Plastic Arts from the FBA-UNLP where she works as a teacher and is currently studying a Doctorate in Arts.

2016: Florencio Molina Campos Hall (2nd Prize), Emilio Pettoruti Fine Arts Museum; 2013: 2nd Provincial Painting Contest of the Professional Council of Surveying of Buenos Aires (Mention); 2012: FNA grant for group projects, "Excursionistas"; 2011: Route 66, School of Projects; National Salon of Visual Arts 2010 AVON Space (Mention); 2009: ECuNHI – FNA and III Milenio, residence in Alcalá de Júcar, Spain.

2019: Immersive - Macla, La Plata
2014: Infinite Agitation - Mumart, La Plata.
2010: Random Links (Paradoxes) - Oesterheld Cultural Center, La Plata.
2008: Mantras - Malvinas Islands Cultural Center, La Plata.

2019: Vertigo. Geometry and Instability, Macba (C.A.B.A.)
Elipsis Urbanas, OnceSiete Gallery (C.A.B.A.)
2018: Progressive Connections, Paco Urondo Cultural Center (C.A.B.A.)
Latin America: back to the future, Macba (C.A.B.A.)
Adyascente Landscape, Mumbat (Tandil)
An imagined community, Casa del Bicentenario (C.A.B.A.)
2017: Adjacent Landscape, Galería del Pasaje (C.A.B.A.) and MACLA (La Plata)
2016: Interior Geometry, Federal Chambers (C.A.B.A.)
2014: Astrazione Geometrica, MACRO (Rome).
2013: Collection in Focus-Geometry Argentina, MACBA (C.A.B.A.)
2012: Geometric abstraction since 1950, MACBA (C.A.B.A.)
Geométricos today-Roads in expansion, MACBA (C.A.B.A.)
Snapshot, MACLA, (La Plata)
2010: Why Painting? V, F.N.A. (C.A.B.A.)
The Limits of Geometry, ECuNHI (C.A.B.A.)

Macla (La Plata); Emilio Pettoruti Museum (La Plata); Mumart (La Plata); Macba (C.A.B.A.); Samay Huasi Museum (Chilecito, La Rioja).